AgileNotes 2.0

Practical voice and text notes manager

What is AgileNotes? It's a PocketPC' Notes (.pwi-file format) compatible note editor for Pocketc PC with extended capabilities:

  • Text formatting (bold, italic, underline, strikeout, bullet lists, 4 colors)
  • Drawing formatting (two width of lines, 4 line colors, 5 fill colors)
  • Voice recording
  • Embedded file manager with default started root folder support (check the menu for that) and show/hide modes
  • Horizontal scrolling mode support
  • Zoom in/ zoom out/100% (no zoom) view
  • Undo/redo operations
  • Local menus support for the edit/draw field as well as file manager to cut/copy/paste/delete (clear) operations
  • WM5 & VGA, portrait and landscape modes support

Type a text or draw an object(s), select it and apply any format attribute just by single tap! All operations are available by click the button on toolbar without looking for in multilevel menus!

AgileNotes for PocketPC is a maximum productivity tool for you!

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AgileNotes 2.0

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